Is It Ethical to Source Dank Memes From Nazi Mines?

Many of the best memes are created by and shared on the worst parts of the internet. Is it OK to reshare them?

By Jason Koebler | MOTHERBOARD

There’s a meme about memes that frames the ongoing philosophical discussion I’ve been having with academics, colleagues, friends, and meme economists:

he idea is that many of the internet’s funniest memes come from the less savory parts of the web, in this case 4chan’s /b/ board, which gave us LOLcats, Rickrolling, and Anonymous but also normalized and perfected harassment, trolling, and other internet-afflicted diseases. Though I’ve reported on and dabbled with 4chan a bit, I’ve generally spent most of my internet career as the woman on the right—enjoying the harvest of those in the meme mines without ever getting dirty myself. This changed a month ago, as I realized I had run out of dank memes; I had to get in the shit. The search led me to the new fountain of memes on the deep recesses of Discord, a voice and chat app that is popular with gamers, the alt-right, and memelords.

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