The ‚Mother of All Bombs‘ the US Dropped on Afghanistan Is Nasty, But Mostly for Show

US Air Force
It’s unclear how much damage the bomb caused to its intended target—an ISIS tunnel complex—but it may not matter.


Yesterday, US forces dropped—for the first time ever in combat—one of the world’s most powerful non-nuclear weapons on ISIS fighters in eastern Afghanistan.

There’s a good chance it was mostly for show. And the audience isn’t necessarily limited to ISIS.

On the evening of April 13, 2017, a US Air Force MC-130 transport lobbed an 11-ton Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb—a so-called „fuel-air-explosive“—at what the US Defense Department described as a „tunnel complex“ in Achin district in Nangarhar province.

„The strike was designed to minimize the risk to Afghan and US forces conducting clearing operations in the area while maximizing the destruction of [ISIS] fighters and facilities,“ the Pentagon stated.

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