The Military Wants to Create the Ultimate Good Boy

Image: SCP-049/Steamcommunity
US Special Forces wants to give doggos performance enhancers for the battlefield.

By Ben Sullivan | MOTHERBOARD

Humanity has kindly shared the horrors of war with our animal-kin for thousands of years, so it’s heartening to see the Department of Defense is finally focused on creating the ultimate Good Boy—a proud pupperino ready to serve with the utmost of canine courage.

The United States Special Operations Command is in the market for pharmaceuticals to boost the performance of its working dogs (not officially designated fighting fluffers, but rather ‚multi-purpose canines‘).

Police forces have already turned doggos into cybernetic hunters, but a new bio-medical tender specifically asks for an nutraceutical or pharmaceutical that can ramp up the vision, hearing, and scent abilities of a dog, alongside enhancing the animal’s endurance and hydration. As this is US Special Forces, under which dogs operate in dangerous war zones, the tender also asks for the drugs to decrease the adverse effects of trauma caused by blood loss.

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