Neural Interfacing Will Create a ‚Cosmic Oneness‘ With Your Phone

A Borg cosplayer in Tokyo. Image: Brian Jeffery Beggerly/Wikimedia Commons
„The dystopian version is something like the Borg.“

By Malone Mullin | MOTHERBOARD

Visions of the so-called Singularity—the merging of man and machine—are solidifying day by day. In April, Facebook announced that it’s got 60 engineers tinkering away at a wearable device will read your thoughts and turn them into status updates. And Elon Musk’s Neuralink, unveiled in March, is looking at developing a tissue implant—but instead of simply writing down your thoughts, the company wants you to share them instantly with everyone else’s chip-pimped brains.

The trendy technology is called „neural interfacing,“ and it usually aims to enhance the mind by connecting it to objects outside the human body, integrating us closely with our devices. Emerging research has already shown that we can’t put down our phones (we check them, on average, every 15 minutes), leading researchers to fear the dissolution of the human attention span once we don’t even need to hold them. In the neurally-interfaced future we will, in a literal sense, become one with our devices—and even each other, if bioengineers can overcome fears that linking to other brains might create a hackable hive-mind.

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