The How to Track What Congress Is Doing on the Internet

Image: Shutterstock Remix by Jason Koebler
A new tool aims to monitor what government workers look at online.

By Louise Matsakis | MOTHERBOARD

There’s now a way to track what government employees, including elected officials, are doing online during working hours.

A new plugin created by a software engineer in North Carolina lets website administrators monitor when someone accesses their site from an IP address associated with the federal government. It was created in part to protest a piece of legislation the president signed earlier this year.

In April, President Trump signed a measure allowing internet service providers (ISPs) to sell sensitive information about your online habits without needing your consent, rolling back Obama-era regulations intended to stop that very thing from happening.

Corporations like Verizon and AT&T hated the regulations (and spent a boatload lobbying against them), because they made it difficult to monetize the mountain of customer data they have the ability to collect.

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