Shocking photos show how Britain and America used to sterilise ‚undesirable‘ people

The facial characteristics of a Tibetan man are measured in 1938 (Photo: Public Library/News Dog Media)
Before the horrors of the Holocaust there were supporters of ‚cutting out‘ certain traits across the world

By Tom Davidson | Mirror

Photos have emerged which show the horrific heyday of the Eugenics movement where „undesirable“ people in Britain, America and parts of Europe were sterilised.

Decades before the atrocities of Nazi Germany, eugenics, where „desirable“ human traits were sought out, had advocates across the world.

Following the publishing of Charles Darwin ’s ‚On the Origin of Species‘ in 1859 a craze of eugenics spread through Britain, Europe and the United States.

Supporters of eugenics enjoyed success in the early 20th century and claimed traits such as dwarfism, deafness and even minor defects like a cleft palate could be wiped out of the gene pool.

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A convicted criminal named Albert Smit has his head measured in Netherlands in 1896 (Photo: Public Library/News Dog Media)