This Freaky 100-Million-Year-Old Wasp Was Named for David Bowie

Archaeoteleia astropulvis. Image: Dr. Elijah J Talamas
One day, you’re relaxing on a Cretaceous tree chillin’ with some dinos. The next day, you’re trapped in amber for 100 million years.

By Becky Ferreira | MOTHERBOARD

t’s been over a year since pop superstar David Bowie passed away, but his legacy lives on through memorials, fan tributes, and now, Cretaceous wasps trapped in amber.

That’s right: A new species of extinct wasp that lived alongside the dinosaurs 100 million years ago has been dubbed Archaeoteleia astropulvis, with the second word being a Latinized version of „Stardust.“

In a paper describing the new species, published Wednesday in the open access Journal of Hymenoptera Research, entomologists said the name „commemorates the late David Bowie alter ego, Ziggy Stardust,“ while also referring „to the ancient source of the atoms that form our planet and its inhabitants.“

While this female holotype doesn’t have the „snow-white tan“ or „cat from Japan“ qualities that are laid out in the song „Ziggy Stardust,“ I think even Bowie would agree that she is adequately freaky.

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