We Investigated the Conspiracy Theory That r/conspiracy Is Hiding Something

Image: Shutterstock Remix by Louise Matsakis
Why did the subreddit decide to ban CNN articles?

By Louise Matsakis | MOTHERBOARD

Reddit’s most popular destination for unpacking everything from the 9/11 truth movement to pizzagate is currently the subject of some conspiracy theories of its own.

It began when Reddit user AssuredlyAThrowAway, a moderator of r/conspiracy, posted an announcement to the subreddit on Wednesday. They explained that after a discussion with the forum’s users, its moderators had decided to ban direct links to CNN.com and its related properties because of an investigation the news network conducted into a Redditor earlier this week (several other subreddits would soon join in the ban). Archived versions of CNN articles are still be permitted, which allows them to be discussed but denies the news network advertising revenue.

The thread quickly garnered hundreds of comments, and was posted to at least six other subreddits. While many r/conspiracy subscribers agreed with the decision to block CNN articles, others said r/conspiracy was censoring the type of discussion that’s typically welcome on the subreddit. Several users claimed on other forums, like r/undelete, that the moderators of r/conspiracy were purposely deleting comments that disagreed with the CNN ban.

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