‘God, The Official Autobiography of The Hidden Years’

‘God, The Official Autobiography of The Hidden Years’ was originally etched into a smooth patch of Arizona cliffs with a scrupulous and lush hand. The handwriting was none other than that of the Deity, who decided in some antique moment to record God’s earliest recollections.

By J. H. McKenna | HUMANIST Plus

Here then are the opening lines of God’s autobiography:

First  Memory
My genuine earliest memory is the awakening of my senses all at once. I saw blackness. I smelled burning orbs. I tasted the honeycombed luxury of my tongue. I felt the delicate surface of my being. I heard a vast stillness. My interior life commenced with my sensual arousal. And by interior life I mean my intellectual life.

First  Thought
My first thought, so far as memory permits, was as follows. I thought taste supersedes smell, smell supersedes touch, touch supersedes vision, and vision supersedes hearing. I have since reevaluated these in almost reverse order.

First  Word
I was immediately aware that I was using words to think these thoughts (though the origins of words in me is as mysterious to me as my coming to be). The first word I recall saying aloud was GOSTOSO. How I was able to utilize the Portuguese word for  TASTY  I’ll never know. My facility with language is inscrutable, even to me. Note too that the language you are reading me in right now is not my first.

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