Start Rolling Your Blunts: NASA Is Uploading Decades of Archival Footage to YouTube

Watch a hypersonic plane go 7,000 miles per hour and more in over 500 videos of experimental aircraft pushing the limits.

By Samantha Cole | MOTHERBOARD

Videos unearthed from another time in flight engineering are endlessly fascinating. Until now, footage from NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, has been tucked away in a forgotten corner of the internet.

AFRC is in the process of uploading it legacy video database to YouTube. So far, they’ve posted around 300 of the approximately 500 videos that were deemed good candidates for migration.

Spanning decades, the footage is no-fluff documentation of some of the most important flight tests and aircraft developments in NASA and Air Force history, including video of the X1 (the first aircraft to reach supersonic flight seen), the X-43A (seen in the video above in going 5,000 and 7,000 mph), testing of the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, and Space Shuttle landing research. It’s also just really fun to browse through.

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