Flesh-Eating Sea Fleas Feast on Teen’s Feet at Australian Beach

It’s not shark jaws you have to be worried about, but microscopic pincers.

By Caroline Haskins | MOTHERBOARD

If you’re terrified of the ocean because of sharks, you should reconsider—the real thing you need to be afraid of is invisible.

As reported by Australian news outlet The Age, 16-year-old Sam Kanizay decided to cool off after a difficult football practice on Saturday night by taking a dip in the water at the Dendy Street Beach in southeastern Australia. When he came out, his legs were dripping with blood.

Sam Kanizay’s father, Jarrod Kanizay, told Australian news outlet news.com.au that his son didn’t know he was bleeding until he stepped out of the water.

„He went back to his shoes and what he found was blood on his legs. As soon as we wiped them down, they kept bleeding,“ he said. „There was a massive pool of blood on the floor [at the hospital].“

But the culprit wasn’t sharks, stingrays, or any of the usual suspects in marine attacks on humans.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons