Right-Wing Pastor: ‘Secular Humanist Caliphate’ & ‘Militant Homofascism’ Taking Over America

Pastor Ken Graves.
The Liberty Counsel’s “Awakening” event certainly had no shortage of crazy preachers to speak and warn of the doom that is about to befall America. One such pastor was Ken Graves of Bangor, Maine. Pastor Graves, as so many people of his ilk are doing these days, was full of hellfire, brimstone, and most of all, fear-mongering when he spoke to the audience of conservative Christians.

By Shannon Barber | Addicting Info/Church and State

Graves warned of the evils of homosexuality, atheism, and Islam, saying that the country is soon to be taken over by “militant homofascism,” thanks to the rise of progressive values. According to Graves, this supposed “homofascism”  “seeks to take over our land and make it Sodom.”

Amazing how it always goes back to what these people feel to be sexual sin, doesn’t it? Repression is no good for you, Pastor Graves. You really should do something about that.

Graves ranted on, becoming more and more agitated and warning his listeners that progressives are in bed with militant Islam, and the goal is to “destroy everything we have” and set up a “secular humanist caliphate” in place of our current society. Of course, this is ignoring the fact that there is nothing progressive about militant Islam, and there’s no way that atheists, secular humanists, or other unfaithful types would want anything to with its tenets becoming the law of the land.

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