Pastor who thinks mothers don’t belong in public office leads Bible study for Trump’s cabinet

Ralph Drollinger is a pastor known for inflammatory statements on everything from climate change to women’s right to work.
It’s an understatement to suggest that Republicans aren’t exactly forward thinking when it comes to women’s rights. Their legislative record, both at the state and federal levels, speaks for itself. In trying to limit women’s access to reproductive health care, it’s quite obvious that their version of progress is taking us back to a place in time when a woman’s place was solely limited to the home.

By Kelly Macias | Daily Kos/Church and State

Leading the way is Pastor Ralph Drollinger, a Californian and former UCLA basketball player, who is now teaching Bible study sessions for the members of Trump’s cabinet. He has some pretty retrograde views on women—and he doesn’t mind at all sharing them publicly.

He is the evangelical spiritual leader who once counseled a group of Sacramento lawmakers that female politicians with young children have no business serving in the Legislature. In fact, he called them sinners. […]

“It is one thing for a mother to work out of her home while her children are in school,” wrote Drollinger, a Californian who created a group called Capitol Ministries to teach evangelical interpretations of the Bible to politicians. “It is quite another matter to have children in the home and live away in Sacramento for four days a week. Whereas the former could be in keeping with the spirit of Proverbs 31, the latter is sinful.”

So according to the dear pastor, it may possibly be acceptable for a woman to work outside of the home, if her children are school-aged. But making a living while living apart from her children? That would send her straight to hell. Hmm … wonder if he feels the same way about a man who commutes for his job? Likely not. As far as the Bible study group itself from Trump’s cabinet—well, it’s comprised of the usual suspects. Take a moment to think of the most zealot-like members of the administration. Everyone you’d rather not be in charge of public policy specifically because they seem hellbent on bringing their religion into government. Did Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos come to mind? Yup. It’s exactly those folks.

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