Sniping at Erdogan, Netanyahu says Israel not involved in Kurdish vote

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem, October 1, 2017. (AFP/POOL/Sebastian Scheiner)
Prime minister accuses Turkish president of seeing Mossad’s hand in every uncomfortable scenario, says Israel sympathetic to Kurds

By Stuart Winer | The Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rejected claims that Israel was in any way involved in a recent Iraqi Kurdish referendum on independence and took a shot at Turkish President Reccyp Erdogan for blaming Mossad meddling for every tricky situation Turkey faces.

Speaking before the weekly cabinet meeting in the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, Netanyahu appeared to be responding to Erdogan the day after the Turkish leader said that Israel’s spy agency played a role in Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence vote, proved by the waving of Israeli flags during celebrations of the overwhelming yes vote.

“I understand why those who support Hamas want to see the Mossad in every uncomfortable place, but Israel had no part in the referendum of the Kurdish people, apart from the deep, natural, longstanding sympathy of the people of Israel for the Kurdish people and their yearnings,” Netanyahu said.

This is the second time Netanyahu has used Turkish anger over the Kurdish referendum to swipe at Erdogan’s support for Hamas.

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