Watch Humans Fail at Being Self-Driving Cars

If fully autonomous vehicles ever hit the world’s highways en masse, their developers have a lot of work to do to convince the humans inside the tech is trustworthy.

By Samantha Cole | MOTHERBOARD

Seventy-five percent of Americans say they would be afraid to travel in an autonomous vehicle, and initiatives are starting around the US to help self-driving cars earn the confidence of their would-be passengers. Taking our hands off the wheel won’t be easy.

project by researchers at Moovel Lab attempts to build some of that trust with an experiment: Put people in the car’s perspective. No, not make them into the literal car seat, but show them what the car „sees“ as it navigates—and then give them the gas pedal.

In a video, Joey Lee from Moovel Lab calls the experiment a „trust exercise.“ What it looks like is a couple hours of watching people steer straight into obstacles around them.

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