Trump Says US May Need a ‚Space Force‘

Left: Donald Trump. Right: Ground-Based Missile Interceptor. Images: Gage Skidmore/CC-By-SA 2.0 and US Army
The U.S. military may add another branch, this one devoted to defending the ultimate high ground, President Donald Trump said today (March 13).

By Mike Wall |

„My new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air and sea,“ the president said during a speech to service members today in San Diego. „We may even have a Space Force.“

Trump said he was musing „the other day“ about the possibility of adding a Space Force to the military, which currently consists of five branches: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. [The Most Dangerous Space Weapons Concepts]

„I said, ‚Maybe we need a new force. We’ll call it the Space Force,'“ he said. „And I was not really serious. And then I said, ‚What a great idea. Maybe we’ll have to do that. That could happen. That could be the big breaking story.'“

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