John Bolton spent $1.2M using Cambridge Analytica’s tools to make Americans ‚more militaristic‘

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If you were looking for further proof that the world contains only a couple of dozen people and a large number of Twitter-bots, here you go.

By Mark Sumner | DAILY KOS

The political action committee founded by John R. Bolton, President Trump’s incoming national security adviser, was one of the earliest customers of Cambridge Analytica, which it hired specifically to develop psychological profiles of voters with data harvested from tens of millions of Facebook profiles, according to former Cambridge employees and company documents.

The company that was created by the Mercer family, at the request of Steve Bannon, and which Bannon directed in both the theft of personal information from Facebook and testing psychological warfare tools on the public, was put to work helping a PAC founded by John Bolton. According to the New York Times, Bolton was in on the project from the beginning.

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