Two Nova Documentaries Will Explore Humanity’s Biggest Questions About the Universe

Scientists are eager to explore Jupiter’s moon Europa (left) and Saturn’s moon Enceladus (right) because the ice worlds show promising signs of subsurface oceans that could harbor life. Credit: WGBH
For centuries, humans have wondered, Are we alone? and What is the universe made of? Scientists will tackle these exact questions in two documentaries, part of the new, six-episode PBS series „Nova Wonders.“

By Harrison Tasoff |

„Nova Wonders: Are We Alone?“, premiering tonight (May 9) at 9 p.m. EDT/8 p.m. CDT invites viewers to join scientists in a variety of different disciplines as they all look to solve this fundamental question. The show’s hosts explore what different fields of science have to say about the likelihood of life elsewhere in the universe.

„The thing I want people to walk away with is this really interesting tension between two truths. …. We’re at once really unique and special, but also the universe is so big, and we could be 1 of billions,“ Jane Teeling, producer of the episode, told [Are We Alone? Scientists Discuss the Search for Life and Odds of E.T.]

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