Could We Build the Millennium Falcon from ‚Star Wars‘?

Illustrator Kemp Remillard detailed the interior of the Millennium Falcon. Credit: Images from Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ Incredible Cross-Sections“ reprinted by permission of DK, a division of Penguin Random House. Copyright © 2015 by Jason Fry and Kemp Remillard
With so many incredible, newly developing technologies, could we build a real-life Millennium Falcon? In short, no. But we’re getting closer.

By Chelsea Gohd |

In the „Star Wars“ universe, the Millennium Falcon is heralded as the coolest ship around. The cargo vessel that Han Solo originally won from Lando Calrissian in the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament, the Millennium Falcon lies at the center of some of the most incredible adventures in the series.

With „Solo: A Star Wars Story“ hitting theaters on May 25, let’s explore some of the most notable technological features of this iconic ship and what would have to happen before we could build it today. [Tour the Millennium Falcon with These „Star Wars“ Photos!]

The Millennium Falcon’s signature speed comes from its hyperdrive, a propulsion system that pushes the vessel to light speed — though Han Solo has famously boasted that the ship can travel even faster. The hyperdrive functions by using „hypermatter particles“ to send the craft into hyperspace, an alternative dimension reached by traveling at or beyond the speed of light. This technique uses wrinkles in the fabric of space-time, or wormholes: pieces of the fabric that fold over to connect two otherwise-distant points.

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