This Strange Nebula Looks Inside Out and Born-Again

A color composite image of planetary nebula HuBi1 reveals a low-excitation inner shell, and high-excitation outer shell, effectively appearing to be inside out. Credit: Nature Astronomy (2018)/M. Guerrero et al.
The nebula of a dying star has a „inside-out“ appearance, scientists announced in a new study — and this may be our sun’s ultimate fate.

By Doris Elin Salazar |

Four years ago, astronomer Martín Guerrero from the Astrophysics Institute of Andalucía in Granada, Spain, discovered something puzzling: The shell-shaped remains of a stellar explosion — known as a planetary nebula — looked like it was inside out and seemingly born-again in a rare cosmic occurrence.

„I was at a telescope in La Palma, a beautiful island here in Spain, and I was repeatedly making images of planetary nebulas,“ Guerrero told [Glowing Nebula Decorates Space in Hubble Image]

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