Red Planet Survival Ain’t Easy in ‚Surviving Mars‘ Game

In the survival strategy video game „Surviving Mars,“ players struggle to survive on the surface of the Red Planet. Credit: Paradox Interactive
Mark Watney, who struggled to stay alive in „The Martian,“ was right: It is really, really hard to survive on the Red Planet.

By Chelsea Gohd |

For decades, with help from science fiction and pop culture, Mars has been the „logical next step“ for humanity’s expansion into the solar system. Space agencies all over the world are working tirelessly toward the eventual goal of sending humans to Mars and one day colonizing Earth’s neighbor. But in playing the video game „Surviving Mars,“ I got a taste of just how difficult survival on the Red Planet might be. Published this year by Paradox Interactive, the title is a complex city builder and survival-strategy game that can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Steam. [The Best Space and Sc-Fi Games on Mobile]

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