These Anonymous Twitter Accounts Are the Real Intellectual Dark Web — and They’re Calling Out Right-Wing Media

Photo Credit: Image by Shutterstock, Copyright (c) Glebstock

There’s an ideological war raging in the U.S. That’s what Commentary magazine’s John Podhoretz said in a recent podcast, anyways. And he’s not wrong. It might not be a conflict as epic as the Second World War. It’s not being fought on a battlefield or in research labs. But it is consuming much of the discourse in 2018, especially on Twitter.

By Taylor Link | Alternet/Salon

Much of the battles involving the left appear to be partisan infighting: liberals pushing back against the dramatic shift to the left; Democratic Socialists assailing the liberal establishment. Conservatives, meanwhile, have seemingly abandoned any constructive introspection. „Owning the libs“ has become their only battlecry.

The rise of President Donald Trump should have precipitated an ideological insurrection. But the most popular movement to come out of the right post-2016 was the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW), a quasi-informal group of political commentators and professors who’ve gained traction for its hostility towards American liberalism. Bari Weiss, a conservative op-ed writer at The New York Times, introduced the IDW in a column earlier this year. In the piece, she elevated personalities such as Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk, to name a few. They were grouped together not because of an ideology they shared, but because of an ideology they all rejected. The IDW criticizes most, if not all, policies and social movements that have arisen from America’s liberal trajectory. Feminism, affirmative action, subsidized health care, Black Lives Matter, wealth distribution, immigration, all have come under fire by the IDW. Their main antagonist may be the „mainstream liberal media,“ which they vilify for propping up progressive causes. Because of this, conservative media has welcomed these new voices into the tent, even though some whitewash racism and anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

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