Japanese Space-Elevator Experiment Launching to Space Station Next Week (Really!)

Space elevators have long been a staple of science fiction. Now, scientists in Japan will test space-elevator tech from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA
The push for a space elevator took a step forward this week when a team of researchers from Shizuoka University in Japan announced that they will launch an experiment to the International Space Station next week.

By Scott Snowden | SPACE.com

In the experiment, which will be the first of its kind in space, two ultrasmall cubic satellites, or „cubesats,“ will be released into space from the station. They will be connected by a steel cable, where a small container — acting like an elevator car — will move along the cable using its own motor. A camera attached to the satellites will record the movements of the container in space, according to the Japanese newspaper The Mainichi.

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