CBS sees surge in US Flat Earthers who say there’s no rover on Mars: ‘Most people think we’re idiots’

Brook Silva-Braga speaks to a Flat Earther (CBS/screen grab)
CBS News recently spoke to a group of so-called Flat Earthers who believe that the scientific community has pulled off a great hoax by claiming that the world is in the shape of a globe.

David Edwards | RawStory

In a segment that aired on CBS Sunday Morning, reporter Brook Silva-Braga interviewed a group of people who are trying to prove that the world is flat and that a wall of ice around the perimeter is containing all of the sea water.

“Probably most people who hear about it will laugh at it, think we’re idiots,” Flat Earth believer Patricia Steere told CBS News. “We’re not idiots. We’re intelligent people from all walks of life and all ages.”

According to Steere, photos of the Earth from space are “completely and utterly false.” She believes that the Sun and the Moon are “probably about the same size.” And she said that photos of astronauts are always “completely fake.”

“We didn’t go to the Moon,” Steere explained. “And we don’t have a rover on Mars. And we didn’t do a fly-by of Pluto. And we’ve never been to space! Period.”

“It’s a giant game of chess and, we — all of us in humanity — are the pawns,” she added. “Part of the whole fodder thing is keeping us locked down, not knowledgable about who we are, who we really are as people and what we’re capable of.”

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