Gay atheist Polish Mayor is out to diminish power of Catholic Church

Image via YouTube
GIVEN that Poland is overwhelmingly Catholic, and thus fanatically homophobic, it must have come as a shock to many when, in 2011, atheist Robert Biedroń , was elected to the country’s Parliament, becoming the first openly gay official.

By Barry Duke | thefreethinker

The staunchly pro-EU politician made history again in 2014, after becoming the mayor of Slupsk, a town in Poland.

Now Biedroń, an LGBT activist, above, has the Catholic Church in his sights, having just announced plans on Sunday to establish a new political party – Wiosna – to diminish the Church’s influence in his country by placing tighter restrictions on it.

In launching Wiosna, Biedroń intends opposing the conservative Law and Justice party which supports the Catholic Church.

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