„Things did take a weird-ass turn around 2016“

Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race. Bild: © Splendid Film / Tomi Tuuliranta
Timo Vuorensola, film director of „Iron Sky“, about his new film „The Coming Race“, Donald Trump and reptiloids

Markus Kompa | TELEPOLIS

Mr Vuorensola, in your movie Iron Sky you had offered the grotesque dystopia that Americans had made a kind of Sarah Palin president. Now Earth has an even more unusual POTUS. How reliable is your information about Nazis on the moon?

Timo Vuorensola: Things did take a weird-ass turn around 2016 and we felt that the real world upped the ante in regards of crazyness. After 2016, it’s been more challenging to write films like Iron Sky, because nearly every day the real world over-Iron Skyifies itself and things become weirder and weirder.

Thus, with „Iron Sky: The Coming Race“ we wanted to take a big enough leap forward to make sure our film still has some ammunition left when it hits the theatres. Thus, we have hollow Earth, dinosaurs and lizard Hitler among many other things. Those, we hope, won’t start coming true in the following 6-7 years from now, like it did actually happen with the first Iron Sky. Every morning you wake up and read of yet another thing that we already had in our movie back in 2012, now coming true.

Current President Donald J. Trump has plagiarized parts of Iron Sky’s material during the election campaign and has now even launched a Space Force, also sketched by you. Will you defend yourself legally against this unfriendly act?

Timo Vuorensola: I think Trump has already enough legal troubles, we don’t want to add any more to his plate. I mean, he is, in the end, our best marketing strategy.

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