Two by two they entered the ark … with lawyers close behind

Die nachgebaute Arche Noah in Grant County, Kentucky. bild: arkencounter
„Noah’s Ark owners sue for rain damage“ ran the headline in The Age. And while the world let out a collective sigh of bemused irony, the thought occurred: could there be a more retrospective claim of shoddy workmanship?

By Warwick McFadyen | THE AGE

Of course it was not the man himself, brought to life from the aspic of time, demanding reparation, nor his sons Shem, Ham and Japheth, nor their sons, nor their son’s sons, and so on. It was, in part, an Australian. How’s that for punching above your weight? And, of course, it wasn’t the original ark, which has never been found, and which some killjoys believe never existed.

It was Crosswater Canyon, the company behind Ark Encounter, a theme park of biblical proportions and foundations, that has begun legal proceedings against its insurers for damage to property caused by rain. Crosswater Canyon wants more than $1 million.

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