The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board: Yes, they are concentration camps


Don’t know if many caught this from the largest paper in Utah but it is worth reading……

The Salt Lake Tribune delivers a devastating editorial that agrees with Rep Ocasio Cortez’s claims about how along the southern border of the US we have set up concentration camps.

The editorial goes on further to show the history of how the conversation we have had completely misses the boat about what is going on is more important then what we are calling it. Plus they also note the history of how the camps developed in Germany, from the editorial,

It worked its way up, from nasty political speeches (check) to politicians seeking and gaining power with promises to protect the purity of the nation from foreign invasion (check) to denying basic human rights and decency to people of an unfavored class (check).

The references to (check) are indicating things that have already occurred. The Tribune also goes into how morally bankrupt we are to be taking no action from the multiple reports of the lack of decency we have towards these people who want nothing more than a better life.

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