US Air Force Begins 2019 Space Wargame

The U.S. Air Force’s 2019 Schriever Wargame kicked off Sept. 4 in Alabama. (Image: © U.S. Space Command)

The wargame scenario is set in the year 2029. It explores critical space issues and examines the integration activities of multiple agencies associated with space systems and services, Air Force officials said.

Leonard David |

Roughly 350 military and civilian experts from more than 27 commands and agencies around the country, as well as four international partners — Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom — are taking part in this year’s edition of the annual wargame.

Wargame objectives

According to the Air Force Space Command, this iteration of the wargame is centered on the following objectives:

„(1) Inform people, processes, and technologies to advance USSPACECOM’s joint/combined operational missions, (2) Explore opportunities and challenges of national, commercial, and coalition architectures to synchronize effects that protect and defend the space enterprise, (3) Examine unity of command/effort to seamlessly integrate space operations and authorities across multiple classification and organizational levels, (4) Advance shared understanding of responsible behaviors in the space domain and impacts on national and coalition decision-making, and (5) Investigate whole-of-government(s) and coalition options to control escalation across all domains.“

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