New Documentary Examines Alleged Child Sex Abuse Within Jehovah’s Witnesses

Oxygen’s The Witnesses revisits long-running claims of protections given to alleged pedophiles within the denomination

Jeff Truesdell | People

Alleged sex abuse of children within the Jehovah’s Witnesses has long been in the headlines.

In 2016, an investigation by a royal commission in Australia found the religious denomination had logged allegations against 1,066 of its members there, yet reported none to authorities. In April The Atlantic magazine revealed the sect maintained a list of accused pedophiles within its membership going back decades. Courts have repeatedly fined its parent organization, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, for resisting orders to turn over confidential documents tied to those allegations.

And last week, allegations raised in a Montana case surfaced again when that state’s Supreme Court reversed an earlier $35 million decision against the Jehovah’s Witnesses for failing to report to authorities a member who sexually abused a girl.

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