The Comeuppance for Evangelicals Who Sold Their Souls to Trump Is Coming

Picture: Tiffany Trump/Facebook
„Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.“

By Ed Simon | History News Network/Alternet

This Advent season, while watching Donald Trump in front of a garishly green-and-red banner which proclaims “Make America Great Again,” take the opportunity to reflect on the Faustian bargain which allowed conservative evangelical Christians to “Keep Christ in Christmas” while seemingly divorcing Christianity from Christ. That Republican supply side economics, exemplified by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell’s cruel tax “reform,” contradicts Matthew 5:3 is clear. That Trump’s draconian immigration policy, which new reports indicate could now involve splitting families apart, violates the essence of Exodus 22:21 is obvious. And it shouldn’t have to be said that the new nationalism, this new fascism, with its “blood and soil” metaphysic, stands in opposition to the sublime universalism of Galatians 3:28.

For those 81% of white evangelicals who voted for Trump, and more troublingly for the profoundly inhumane, greedy, wrathful ideology that he embodies, and who have seemingly forgotten their scripture, I have another passage to remind them of: Matthew 4:10. Following the dark Adversary who took Christ up “an exceeding high mountain, and she with him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” And Christ, choosing to follow the small, humble, yet sacred path, rejected the temptations of worldly power declaring, “Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

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The Real Reason Evangelicals Have Made Trump Their New Messiah

Evangelicals praying over Trump (Photo: Screen capture)
Evangelical Christians have drawn ire since overwhelmingly supporting President Donald Trump during the 2016 election. But one former evangelical, who left the church, suggests they made a deal with the devil so they could get the legislation they’ve always wanted.

By Sarah K. Burris | RawStory

According to Guardian writer Josiah Hesse, Trump has “bragged about his sins and built a career on casinos and half-naked women,” but evangelicals saw him as an opportunity and agreed to mobilize their voting bloc in the churches to elect him.

“Evangelicals know he’s not a real Christian,” Hesse explained. “But they’re pragmatic about overturning Roe v. Wade, and generally agree with his economic plan of deregulation, lowering taxes and keeping undocumented immigrants out.”

It’s a philosophy rumored to have inspired congressional Republicans in making a deal with Trump.

“Many Republican members of Congress have made a Faustian bargain with Donald Trump,” wrote David Brooks for The New York Times shortly after Trump took office. “They don’t particularly admire him as a man, they don’t trust him as an administrator, they don’t agree with him on major issues, but they respect the grip he has on their voters, they hope he’ll sign their legislation and they certainly don’t want to be seen siding with the inflamed progressives or the hyperventilating media.”

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Trump ist für Evangelikale ein ‚Traumpräsident‘

Picture: Tiffany Trump/Facebook
Dear Lord, I pray in the Mighty name of Jesus, that you would give Donald J Trump wisdom and that you would protect him and fill him with Your Spirit and help him to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy
Diese Ansicht vertrat der Präsident der evangelikalen Liberty-Universität.

Evangelikale in den USA haben in Donald Trump ihren „Traumpräsidenten“ gefunden. Diese Ansicht vertrat der Präsident der evangelikalen Liberty-Universität, Jerry Falwell Jr., in einem Interview mit dem Fernsehsender Fox News, wie IDEA berichtet. Anlass für das Interview waren Trumps erste 100 Tage im Amt.

In einer kürzlich erstellten Umfrage Ende April zeigten sich 73 Prozent der weißen Evangelikalen mit der Arbeit von Trump zufrieden, in der Gesamtbevölkerung sind es nur halb so viele. Trump sei es gelungen, die USA mit Israel zu versöhnen, nachdem die Beziehungen in den vergangenen acht Jahren unter dessen Amtsvorgänger Barack Obama gelitten hätten, sagte Falwell.


Donald Trump, the Religious Right’s Trojan Horse

resident Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence at the National Prayer Service on 21 January. (Photo: Al Drago / The New York Times)
President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence at the National Prayer Service on 21 January. (Photo: Al Drago / The New York Times)
This time a year ago, leaders of the old guard religious right were determined to stop Donald J. Trump from winning the Iowa caucuses. James Dobson, the founder and former president of Focus on the Family, and Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, joined Senator Ted Cruz as he campaigned in the state.

By Michelle Goldberg | Church and State/New York Times

Prominent female anti-abortion activists released an open letter, “Pro-Life Women Sound the Alarm: Donald Trump Is Unacceptable.” It cited, among other things, Mr. Trump’s former ownership of a casino strip club.

Driving around Iowa that January, I heard Christian radio hosts rebuke Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, for giving his support to Mr. Trump.

“Mr. Falwell, in light of Mr. Trump’s attacks on those he happens to dislike at the moment,” asked one, Michael L. Brown, in a plaintive open letter, “How can you point to his Christlike character?”

What a difference a year makes.

Once Mr. Trump seized the Republican nomination, religious conservatives realized that their only path to federal influence lay in a bargain with this profane, thrice-married Manhattan sybarite. So they got in line, ultimately proving to be Mr. Trump’s most loyal backers.

When, last October, a recording emerged of Mr. Trump’s boasting to a TV host about grabbing women “by the pussy,” many secular conservatives urged him to step aside, but most of the religious right stayed true. Ralph Reed, the founder and chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition and head of Mr. Trump’s religious advisory board, argued that for people of faith, “a 10-year-old tape of a private conversation with a TV talk show host ranks pretty low on their hierarchy of their concerns.”

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Betsy DeVos and God’s Plan for Schools

Image: Church and State
Image: Church and State
At the rightmost edge of the Christian conservative movement, there are those who dream of turning the United States into a Christian republic subject to “biblical laws.” In the unlikely figure of Donald J. Trump, they hope to have found their greatest champion yet. He wasn’t “our preferred candidate,” the Christian nationalist David Barton said in June, but he could be “God’s candidate.”

By Katherine Stewart | Church and State

Consider the president-elect’s first move on public education. Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, the largest Christian university in the nation, says that he was Mr. Trump’s first pick for secretary of education. Liberty University teaches creationism alongside evolution.

When Mr. Falwell declined, President-elect Trump offered the cabinet position to Betsy DeVos. In most news coverage, Ms. DeVos is depicted as a member of the Republican donor class and a leading advocate of school vouchers programs.

That is true enough, but it doesn’t begin to describe the broader conservative agenda she’s been associated with.

Betsy DeVos stands at the intersection of two family fortunes that helped to build the Christian right. In 1983, her father, Edgar Prince, who made his money in the auto parts business, contributed to the creation of the Family Research Council, which the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as extremist because of its anti-L.G.B.T. language.

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Der „unanständige“ Donald Trump – Evangelikale in den USA sind gespalten

Donald Trump, Bild:
Republikanische Politiker in den USA lieben die weißen Evangelikalen als ausgesprochen treue Wähler. Sie stellen bei Hauptwahlen beinahe ein Viertel der Urnengänger und bei den Vorwahlen in manchen Bundesstaaten mehr als die Hälfte. Doch 2016 ist ein kompliziertes Jahr.

Von Konrad Ege|

Die Evangelikalen sind tief gespalten in ihrer Haltung zum republikanischen Spitzenreiter Donald Trump. Der rechtspopulistische Showman hat bei den Vorwahlen mehr evangelikale Stimmen erhalten als seine Hauptrivalen Ted Cruz und Marco Rubio, beide verdiente Veteranen des Kulturkrieges. Gleichzeitig warnen renommierte Evangelikale, Trump sei nicht wählbar.

Redakteure des konservativen Magazins „Christian Post“ schreiben, bei Trump könnten sie aus moralischen Gründen nicht schweigen. Er degradiere Frauen und Minderheiten. Er verbreite „Beleidigungen, Obszönitäten und Lügen“, und gebe Versprechen, die er nicht einhalten könne. Trump wolle Christ sein, sage aber, er habe Gott noch nie um Verzeihung gebeten.


USA: Die 10 gefährlichsten Organisationen der religiösen Rechten

Bild: Alternet

Die religiöse Rechte ist stärker als je zuvor,massive Einnahmen und eine Vielzahl von Basisgruppen bilden die Grundlage ihre rechten Ideologie, um die Trennung von Staat und Kirche aufzuheben.

Von Simon BrownAlternet

Unter den bekannten Gefahren, gegen die Trennung von Staat und Kirche gerichtet, ist die Bewegung der religiösen Rechten die Nummer 1. Diese Ansammlung von Organisationen ist nicht nur gut organisiert, finanziert und vernetzt, sie benutzen ihre massiven finanziellen Einnahmen und ihre Basis-Gruppen um die Trennung von Staat und Kirche bundesweit zu untergraben.

Mitarbeiter von Americans Unite haben die Bewegung sorgfältig untersucht und 10 Organisationen ausgemacht, die die stärkste Herausforderung für das Prinzip der Staat-Kirche-Trennung darstellen. Die meisten dieser Organisationen sind steuerfrei nach § 501 (c) (3) der Abgabenordnung, nach § 501 (c) (4) der Abgabenordnung enthalten die finanziellen Daten aber auch Verbindungen zu Lobby-Organisationen, die parallel zu den religiösen Gruppierungen existieren und in ihrem Sinne tätig sind. Die Zahlen stammen aus offiziellen IRS-Unterlagen(Bundessteuerbehörde der USA)  und  anderen zuverlässigen Quellen.
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