„Neither a Burqa nor a Bikini“

Muslims are like any other people in the world and do not behave differently
In this fine article by the Pakistani-born author, Zehra Mehdi-Barlas, who works as a media relations manager, she argues that ordinary Muslims live and behave the same way as all other people do. Constantly, the Western world denies the recognition of this fact and demands from the Muslims to „run to the rooftop every day with our first cup of coffee and scream out our condemnation“.


The so-called liberal West has to overcome its hung up on Islam and the Muslim people. The West is again ideology-obsessed with Islam as he has been with communism. Therefore, he fought the Vietnam War and now wages war against the Islamic world. It’s true, in the Quran one can find text passages where war and violence have been mentioned. The overwhelming part of the book, however, deals with concepts of „peace and respect“ for others, they far exceed the importance of war, writes the author. At the end of her article, Zehra Mehdi-Barlas poses a question to her Western audience: „Why don’t you see us, the ones who are visible everywhere?“