That Phone Cancer Study Was Great News for Makers of Anti-Radiation Devices

Last week a new study linking cell phone radiation to cancers in rats had a lot of people wondering: Do I need to start protecting myself from my own phone?


While the study was some of the most comprehensive evidence about the impact of this radiation to date, it wasn’t completely groundbreaking. The World Health Organization said cell phones might cause cancer back in 2011.

As you might expect, the market for anti-radiation protection has risen up to meet the demands of nervous cell phone users—even if the science isn’t very conclusive.

There are many companies peddling phone and tablet cases that claim to protect your body from radiation. The cases might include special metal fibers, or something like a gold-plated antenna that “redirects radiation away from you.”

One of these companies, WaveWall, sells anti-radiation cases and focuses specifically on the impact of radiation on reproductive health, like sperm motility. Harry Gardiner, the managing director, said most of WaveWall’s clients are health-conscious males and their partners. And they seek a spike in sales after big studies.

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