This VR Film Takes Viewers Inside a Slaughterhouse

So far, VR films have taken viewers everywhere from Ebola-stricken Liberia to Syrian refugee camps.But now, Animal Equality, an international farmed animal advocacy group, want to take you inside the grim and gory heart of a pig slaughterhouse. Their new project „iAnimal“ literally plants viewers amidst a bunch of cramped pigs as they either await slaughter or give birth to piglets within tiny cages.

By Emiko Jozuka | MOTHERBOARD

“From our perspective, using VR is the best way to convey to someone what it’s like to be an animal inside a factory farm or a slaughterhouse,” Toni Shephard, the executive director of Animal Equality, told me over the phone.

“When we’re filming inside the metal cages where pigs give birth, as it’s at the pig’s eye-level, viewers see the bars next to them. It feels confining and you get a sense of what it’s like to be locked inside one of these crates,” she added.

The group teamed up with immersive video startup Condition One, and spent 18 months filming the interiors and conditions of cramped pig farms and pig slaughterhouses in several European countries, which included the UK and Spain. Their aim is to raise awareness among the general public and politicians in a bid to improve the conditions for animals, and get people to consume less meat.

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